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Ultrasonic Face Scrubber

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We cannot get rid of all skin problems with just a cleanser…




Now you can achieve that Clear, Poreless and Glowing Skin that you’ve always wanted.




Facial Treatments do not come cheap...


That’s why a lot of people still actually worry about having:

  • Clogged Pores
  • Acne
  • Oily Skin
  • Blackheads
  • Whiteheads

  • Dry, Flaky Skin
  • Dull Skin
  • Uneven Texture and Skin Tone
  • Acne Marks

The Ultrasonic Face Scrubber can solve your skin problems in only a few minutes of use everyday.



It helps your skin as it:

  • Deeply Cleanses - High frequency ultrasonic technology is transmitted to the skin’s surface delivering instantaneous pressure and vibration. It’s able to penetrate skin 3-5mm, effectively removes blackheads, dead skin and dirt and excess oil, allowing your skin to regain its clearness and cleanliness.
  • Firms and Lifts - Microcurrent pulse technology can activate cell vitality, boost collagen regeneration, and help restore skin elasticity so that skin remains moisturized and firm. The device gently massages face and mobilizes subcutaneous muscles to help shape the facial contour.
  • Enhances Nutrients Absorption - High frequency vibration breaks down and refines larger molecules to help you massage your skin and easily absorb nutrients.






It also:

  • Promotes Blood Circulation
  • Accelerate Skin Metabolism
  • Softens Old Keratin
  • Restores Skin Elasticity
  • Smoothens Skin





  • Ultrasonic, +/- ion, pad multi-functions
  • 25000 times per second ultrasonic vibration
  • Metal touch sensor strip on both sides for the Ion function
  • Ultrasonic + positive ion for deep cleansing
  • Ultrasonic + negative ion for nutrition absorption
  • Tapping massage
  • Automatically shuts-off after 10 minutes of use
  • Rechargeable






  1. Do not use this device around eyes, injured skin, dermatitis caused by cosmetics, acne inflamed parts, or reshaped parts.
  2. This device will normally have a low noise due to ultrasonic vibration.
  3. This device must be used with skin cream or liquid, you can not use it on dry skin.
  4. Children, pregnant women and those with severe heart disease patients cannot use this device.
  5. Please keep your hands dry when using this device, otherwise, the power supply may be short-circuited.
  6. Wipe the probe with a clean, dry cloth. Disinfect with alcohol every after use.



Material: ABS + Stainless steel

Input: 100-240V  50/60Hz

Output: 5V  1A

Power: 5W

Battery: 3.7V  500mAh

Charging time: 2 hours

Using time: 1 hour

Color: White

Size: 17.5*4.5*1.5cm (Length*Width*Thickness)

Weight: 182g


Package Content:

1 Skin scrubber

1 Adapter

1 User manual (English)

Packed in bubble bag, no box

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